NEO offers a range of automated retail solutions for some
of the world’s best products

Consumer FMCG
Luxury Consumer Goods
Specialty Pharmaceutical & Health

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Pharma script delivery & dispensing

Patients require access to their medication regardless of location. Whether at corporate office parks or underserviced rural areas NEO’s solution ensures convenience.

personalized retail

24 Hour Convenience Shopping

Life is unpredictable and NEO understands that. Consumers need 24 hour access to life’s essentials. Medication, Baby Formula, First Aid supplies, energy boosters and much more will be available at our partners, 24 hours per day through our range of convenience dispensers. Retailers provide their own inventory and all payments are processed through the POS or a mobile payment application.

personalized retail

Open Shelf Inventory Management

Business owners, small and large, depend on accurate stock counts to better inform their Ordering system. In that way NEO’s ShelfLink ensure owners have 100% real-time oversight of stock and staff to monitor that they are efficiently filling shelves.

personalized retail

Mobile Payment Solutions

NEO’s unique payment attestation application transform any of our range of dispensers to become a “no touch” automated retail solution that can operate 24 hours per day. NEO Pay will provide shoppers access to any number of widely used payment platforms, using their mobile phone as their payment device.

personalized retail

Experiential In Aisle Shopping

Many Retailers carry less than 30% of high value, high risk FMCG products in the Aisle, where the shopper can see them. NEO’s in-aisle solution allows Retailers to carry the full range of baby formula, face creams, shaving blades, medication and sexual wellbeing products, without any risk of theft while providing an entertaining shopping experience.

personalized retail

Luxury Consumer Goods – In-store dispensing and off-site Click & Collect

Consumers of high value, prestige brands deserve a first class retail experience - comparable to a 5 star hotel. To achieve that, retailers need inventory security and real-time stock location intelligence. NEO’s solution ensures hospitality–level attention to detail, which results in consistent shopper satisfaction.